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Highpoint House

Located near the Town of Caledon, this 3000sf, 3-storey family home, built by Metz Homes Ltd, is Solares' first double stud construction project. The exterior load-bearing 2x6 walls are set 4" apart from the interior 2x4 non-load bearing walls. The space between these walls is filled with blown-in cellulose insulation, creating a super insulated shell with an R-value of 50. The foundations are R-30 and the roof is an incredible R-70. This super-insulated shell allows the heating and cooling systems to be minimally sized, making for economical construction and operating costs. The design of the house has been tailored to capture morning sun and take advantage of fabulous views to the south, where often deer can be seen wandering through the fields. Read More

EnerGuide Rating: 87

"We are grateful that Solares was willing to explore and study less-conventional designs. This allowed us to proceed with our final design with confidence rather than simply being told 'you don't want that' or 'we don't do that method'. We are extremely pleased with the performance of the house, and are very happy to have worked with Solares to make this project happen!"