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House at Roses Crossroad

Located in Prince Edward County, this 2000sf bungalow, built by Hickory Homes, is one of Solares' first double stud construction projects. Non-load bearing interior 2x4 walls are set 4" from the exterior load-bearing 2x6 walls. The space between is filled with blow-in cellulose insulation for an R-value of 50. Under-slab insulation is R-30 and the roof is an incredible R-70. This super-insulated shell allows heating and cooling systems to be minimally sized, making for economical construction and operating costs. The house has a 10 kW, roof-mounted photovoltaic array and solar thermal hot water. The overall design has been tailored to accommodate the owners' unique interests while keeping the overall area as small as possible. Read More

EnerGuide Rating: 88

"The project has far surpassed our expectations, both in terms of the aesthetics of the design, but also in the efficiency of heating the home during this old-fashioned (i.e. really cold) winter. We are so pleased with how it has turned out, and are sad that the fun of working with these great people had to come to an end."